Research Presentation Schedule <6th March, Wednesday>

(Current as of 6th Feb. 2024)

9:20 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
HeidiSmithThe intersections of outdoor environmental education and peace studies/education: Collaboration, conflict and communication
JanArvidsenRecreation conflicts in urban forest
MaryBreunigExploring a Vision of the World that Could Be: Moving from Rhetoric to Transformative Social and Environmental Action
HelenCooperWatch Us Change The World: Examining the impacts of an experiential outdoor learning program on Year 9 Australian young women
MalcolmNicolsonPerspectives on curriculum: how various traditions of curriculum have an impact on the enactment of residential outdoor education programmes.
MasahiroOkadaHow children’s attitudes toward nature deepen by participating in camps?
HatsuhoKinjoPlace and Community-Based Education in Japan-Rethinking the Locally-focused Environmental Education Through the Lens of PCBE
Marie-ClaudeBeaudryChoosing relevant environments for outdoor science learning situations: K-6 teachers’ criteria
Gunnar ThórJóhannessonNavigating the Icelandic Discourse of Outdoor Education
IanNevilleDeveloping a teacher identity in the outdoor education context: A systematic review of the literature
SusannaHoDevelopment and validation of an instrument to measure outcomes for outdoor adventure education in Singapore.
YukaKogoA Systematic Review of Adventure Education Research in Japan
11:30 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
SoumyaMitraRetaining Indigenous voices and diversity in India—an examination of dominant narratives in outdoor education
ToshiharuYANAGIAchievements of Tetsuo Sakai who gave dreams and hopes to young people in Japan, Asia, and around the world through marine camps and outdoor education – Through Japan YMCA Alliance, the YMCA Anan International Ocean Center (Camp Anan), National Institute of Fitness and Sports (NIFS), and National Camping Association Japan (NCAJ) –
ChrisNorthHealth and Safety Legislation and Education Outside the Classroom: Perspectives of school leaders and teachers
MadsBøllingExploring the Interplay of Three Danish Research Initiatives on Education Outside the Classroom: Findings and Future Directions
FionaNicholls“Why don’t they remember the dolphins?” – A critical examination of learning outside the ‘comfort zone’
LorenMillerBeyond our comfort zone: Evolving Outward Bound in Australia
DavidHillsPresence and Technology in Outdoor Education
Imrevan KraalingenPerspectives on Teaching and Learning with Mobile Technology in Outdoor Studies