Research Presentation Schedule <7th March, Thursday>

(Current as of 6th Feb. 2024)

9:20 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
AdivGalStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats: A SWOT Analysis of a Long-term Outdoor Environmental Education Program in Israel
HeleneIllerisWE become FOREST become WE. Aesthetic Learning Processes in Outdoor Education.
PollyKnowlton CockettWild Pedagogies: Exploring “Nature as Co-Teacher” in Outdoor Education through Early Childhood, Ecoart, and Teacher Education Programs
ChloePaulFrom Grief to Relief: An autoethnography in making meaning of abortion through embodied experiences of climbing.
MillieChastonIntersectionality and Outdoor Education in the UK: examining the landscape
ShannonMcNattyThe lasting impact of empowering outdoor education on adolescent girls’ identity and wellbeing
Dorte EllinorStokholmEmergent Science in Danish Kindergartens’ Outdoor Life: Young Children’s Perspectives and Explanations
TakeshiTakedaResearch on practical methods of outdoor education for Japanese preschool
ArnonBen Israel“A successful journey never ends” – a journeycourse held in the deep Negev desert, as a generator of self-development and growth among students studying teacher education.
GlynThomasNear Peer Teaching: Transformational learning for all
MarkLeatherTeacher-student relationships in Higher Education: Reflections from an Outdoor Adventure Education degree
YukoKamisakaNorwegian student teachers’ use of theories and reflections in their theses about outdoor education
11:30 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
JasonLittleEvaluation Guide — A new community-based program for Shady Creek (Northern California)
SeanBlenkinsopThe 4C’s: Outdoor Education for eco-social-cultural change
ChisatoEndoCamping for young children: The significance of lodging in the outdoors
NielsEjbye-ErnstNature kindergartens in Denmark. Development, importance and perspectives
AlessandroBortolottiTeaching, learning, and play in the outdoors: a survey of school and pre-school provision in the North of Italy.
AlexandraHarperInvestigating the impact of a nature play intervention on six-year-old students’ wellbeing and school engagement
FlossyBarraud“We didn’t get many opportunities to go outside and explore like boys do”: Exploring and improving women and girls’ access to ocean recreation and associated environmental, socio-economic and educational opportunities in the Maldives.
SivLundManaging Uncertainty through Core Reflection in Outdoor Education: The Context of Outdoor Swimming and Lifesaving.
1:50 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
KathrinPaal“The leaves are bit poorly” – exploring preschoolers’ feelings and actions towards nature
PhilippaMorsePedagogies of ecological imagination: Thinking with posthuman concepts in outdoor environmental education
VerityHowellThe Feminisation of Nature: dualisms, domination and destruction
YUKOMIKIFocusing on “Place”: The Relationship between Kobe Citizens and the Rokko Mountain Range.
TomásAylwardFinding a Sense-of-Place on the edge of Europe: The connection between Irish people and the Outdoors in Ireland.
VictorEldertonMetaphors of Place: Teaching & Learning for Place and Nature-based Environmental Experiential Educators
JørgenEriksenPersonal Development Plan – The path towards skill development and lifelong learning in outdoor education?
MarkLeatherExploring the Pedagogical Benefits of Visualising Seascapes in Higher Education
TakamasaYomogidaIntroducing ASE(Action Socialization Experience) to promote self-regulated learning strategies in university physical education in the context of liberal education
GabrielaQuintela Do CarmoA systematic review of the impacts of nature exposure on the nervous system: Implications for nature-based learning
YukaKogoStudy on instruction of snow sports for hearing-impaired students
BarbaraHumberstoneBeing and becoming in the outdoors-narratives of outdoor education enthusiasts.
4:00 p.m. – 5:05 p.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
MarianneSingsaasTaking a lesson from the Norwegian anti-cabin protests: Managing cabin visitors and their impacts on local nature-based practices in rural municipalities
SelimaNegroPlace based Forest School: An international comparative study in Singapore and Italy.
ChristianMercureContextual elements contributing to learning in outdoor intervention programs: a look inside the black box.
HIROSHIHAMATANIMountaineers’ perceptions of “Higuma” brown bear in Hokkaido
HelgaAadlandThe complexity and simplicity of interdisciplinary teaching outdoor
SørenAndkjærNature experiences and active outdoor life in after school clubs?Evaluating research founded program and targeted projects aiming to bring kids out
JudithBlaineWalking your Why: Exploring the personal, social and environmental outcomes of an Outward-Bound Experience for adolescents in Hong Kong
YumaAkahoInvestigation of behavioral characteristics of adventure tourists: focusing on the transformation from consumer to cross-boundary learner.