Research Presentation Schedule <8th March, Friday>

(Current as of 6th Feb. 2024)

9:20 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
JonasMikaelsHealthier planet, healthier people: exploring the salutogenic model’s insight into outdoor activities and health
StephenRitchieThe Transdisciplinary Case for Ecohealth Promotion in Outdoor Learning
TakakoTakanoExploring the ecohealth – Insights from Shugendo Practices
HeleneIllerisLearning with the Land. Experimenting with a/r/tographic fieldwork in/with a landscape in Southern Norway
ShinjiMuraiThe learning impact of ‘the land’ on places and people ーAso, Kumamoto Prefecture, focusing on the facilities and people nurtured by the ‘caldera’ー
Ioanna G.SkaltsaEmbracing Nature: Empowering Higher Education Students’ Nature Connectedness through Participatory Activities in three European countries.
RichMitchellDefining and assessing the success of outdoor leadership courses developed for early years practioners.
JudithBlaineA Journey into the Future: A retrospective study on the long-term outcomes of Outdoor Education
CéliaKingsburyAn after-school program to increase sustainable active transportation use in marginalized youth : Evaluation of the “Build your own bicycle” project
HitoshiWatanabeEffects of Climbing Mt. Fuji as a Group Mountaineering Program on Self-Esteem of Japanese High School Students.
KimChampagneCrossing my dependency: Qualitative evaluation of an adventure therapy expedition program for youths with addiction problems
11:30 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.
First nameLast nameTitle
MichaelPaulsenTowards Life-friendly Education – Beyond In/Out
TegwenGadaisClimate change vs Sport, Physical activity and Physical Education: links, consequences and solutions
KarenBarfodThe role of Professional Networks as Incubator for Outdoor teaching – From Grassroots to national impact
SimonBeamesNorwegian friluftsliv: The almost nearly perfect concept
LewisStockwellAesthetic Educational Journeying: Canoe Conversations and Philosophical Analysis
ScottJukesThinking with rivers: Thinking through environs
Jakob FrímannThorsteinssonCutting a path: Exploring the affordance of Outdoor Education in Iceland
PatrickDaiglePortrait of outdoor education initiatives in higher education in the province of Quebec