Poster Session

(Current as of 23rd Jan. 2024)

4:00 p.m. – 5:05 p.m.

Poster presenters who are unable to present on the evening of March 5 should contact

First nameLast nameTitle
DavidAddisAn Investigation into Enskilment and Student Outdoor Leadership
KotaroAokiA Study on the Occurrence of Injuries and Safety Measures in Youth Education Facilities
FelixBerriganTeaching in times of COVID 19 in Canada: an opportunity to foster outdoor education and to bring about teaching practices in health and physical education beyond the pandemic.
Gian MarcoDi FeoEarthing and Outdoor Education: A Scoping Review
JunEgawaStudy on the Relationship between Physical Activity and Communication Skills: A Case Study of Adventure Ropes Course
SarahGrocuttSacred Steps: Unveiling Parallels between Pilgrimage and Place-Based Learning, Reasons for Participation, Connection and Disconnection from the Busyness of Life.
KeiHIJIKATAWhat is outdoor studies as a basis for outdoor education?
Shin-JiaHoExploring Sustainable Tourism through Outdoor Education Practice in the Tourism and Leisure Industry: A Case Study of Nantou County, Taiwan.
VerityHowellBushcraft as therapy: exploring the potential
MarikoINOUEPresent situation of forest education in Japan: forestry, environmental education,and outdoor activities
TomohikoKAICan Digital Technology Replace Leaders in Outdoor Education?
KyokoKajiuraWhy do children pick up branches during Forest Kindergarten, and why do they play with them? – From behavioral records of children (3-6 years old) in the forest
KoseiKanataniPre-start Mood State and Psychological Competitive Abilities in Alpine skiing
SatomiMitsuiChallenges in disseminating knowledge on volcanic disaster prevention to visitors to Mt. Fuji, Japan
KumiMoriyamaPractice of family day camp ‘Magomokomo Camp’
ShingoNakamaru2019 Survey on Summer Camp Programs as Curriculum at Japanese Universities
DaisukeNishijimaA Study of the Development Process of the Adventure Education Model in Japan: Focusing on Outward Bound
ÉliseRodrigue PoulinCritical thinking in outdoor education
AkihiroSakamotoInfluence of camp therapy on friendship formation: A case study of an adolescent with autism spectrum disorder
FuyukaSatoA Process of Developing Japanese University Students’ Self-authorship through Physical Education Class Using Outdoor Program
SuguruShibataA Study on the Effectiveness of Natural Teaching Materials Created From a STEAM Perspective and the Awareness of Childcare Workers:Based on a questionnaire survey after childcare worker training
TatsukiTakahashiStudents Specializing in Outdoor Education in Japan: Quantitative Insights into Learning Motivations and Types
TatsukiTakahashiStudents Specializing in Outdoor Education in Japan: Qualitative Exploration of Cognition and Motivation Transformation
YUKIKOYAMAGUCHIEffects of early childhood experience on the subsequent preference for wild animals
AzusaYoshimatsuThe Effect of Nature Experience Programs as Single Parent Family Support on Parental Resilience